Icon and Human Interface - Step 4

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  • Icon and Human Interface - Step 4

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  • Text Book Step 4

    The first step in coding

    Develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

    Learn to think logically through interesting stories and fun games.

    This program is for Preschool children!!

    Icon and Human Interface  of the 20 concepts,

    what you must know before learning to code

    • When we download an app and use it, we do not think about how it is programmed.
    • We just click the icon and play the app.
    • Without reading the directions, we often know how to turn it on/off, and go about in the app.
    • For games especially, we usually know how to play the game without studying the directions.
    • This is why we like to use an easy-to-use app with simple directions and ways.
    • No one will want to use an app that is difficult to function.
    • Icon and Human Interface help us make a simple, easy-to-use apps.

    • Live Class

          • ◎ Age : 5 to 10 years old
          • ◎ Number : 1:1 or Group
          • ◎ Time : 20 mins or  40 mins
          • ◎ Use : Computer or Mobile

          • How to take the class?
          • Step 1. Purchase the course.
          • Step 2. Check class timetable.
          • Step 3. We will send you the class link[Zoom].
          • Step 4. After signing into zoom check the network, microphone, and camera.
          • Step 5. Participate in the class and Enjoy!


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