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Odinga Codinga Set 5

  • My Child's First Coding Book, Odinga Codinga! Unplugged coding does not require any computer to learn coding concepts! Learn coding and computer science in a fun, playful way through storytelling. Storybooks with coding concepts embeded in the engaging

Course Feature

Odinga and his friends hear about the Flower Valley from Baba and Bobo. When they finally arrive at the Flower Valley after many obstacles, Earth's honeybees try to case them away. Baba and Bobo, who watch all this, feel sorry for Odinga and his friends. 

So, they decide to help by teaching them how to dance like honeybees. With the honeybee dance, Odinga and Oringa become good friends with the bees and they receive flower necklaces from the bees!

◌ Coding Concepts : Search and Arrange/ Abstraction/ Debugging /Coding

◌ Social Skills : Problem-solving, Reconciliation, Friendship

Workbooks to understand and practice coding concepts.

Strengthen deep, critical thinking, rather than surface-level skills, through various activities.

More than 100 cute stickers for activities are included.

What to learn :

Search and Arrange